Drive With MooVr

Our vision is to make a difference to driver’s lives.
It is time to make a real change.

BUT you as the drivers are the key to it being successful.
MooVr is the tool to make it happen.

Become a Driver

Everyone has their own reason for driving, what’s yours?

  • Perhaps you simply want some money to help with mortgage payments or school fees.
  • Maybe you are in between jobs, or are a FIFO worker wanting to have some fun and earn a little holiday money.
  • Some people are of an age where it is difficult to gain employment of any kind.
  • Others may have children of school age and driving their own hours to suit their commitments really is a great bonus.
  • Many like the flexibility. Want to attend their children’s assembly. SIMPLY GO!! You don’t need to beg your employer for the morning off or pretend you are sick and cannot go to work.

To become a MooV driver is not a given right, EVEN if you have all the necessary paperwork.
You must demonstrate ongoing exceptional customer service at all times.
Drivers who fall below a certain level will be advised that some improvements are required.
Of course we want to help the drivers. That’s one of our focus points.
Other Rideshare organisations view this opportunity as a part time occupation, BUT we see it differently.
YES it is a great part time opportunity but importantly YES it can also be a lucrative full time occupation.
Be Proud of what you are doing.

  • Customers should not expect, nor receive drivers in vests, dirty clothing or Joggers and thongs.
  • Dress respectfully.
  • Be mindful of your own personal hygiene. (You are in a confined space.)
  • Help customers with luggage etc.