Name : Keith Logan
Title : Cofounder
Business : MooVr
Location : Perth, Western Australia |

Keith Logan is a Perth based entrepreneur behind the much-anticipated launch of MooVr – Australia’s answer to affordable, fair ridesharing. He is the cofounder of the company alongside his business partner, Delsie Cook.

Keith offers extensive industry knowledge to the world of transportation and ridesharing, having spent many years as a taxi driver and performing his due diligence in rideshare vehicles. Keith and Delsie are well respected in the industry and gleefully refer to themselves as ‘SME’s’ – Subject Matter Experts – in the field.

A number of years ago Keith realised that the large multinational rideshare operators were financially exploiting their drivers and the entire country by shipping the majority of their profits offshore. They knew there must be a fairer and better way to offer the same service – and so the idea for MooVr was born.

Keith is also a qualified aerospace engineer, which he was heavily involved in in his past professional life. Since then, Keith has been involved in the information technology field for over 20-years. In his role of service delivery manager, he was heavily involved in coordinating IT infrastructure and project management for a team of 15 staff members. These leadership, staff management and project coordination skills have been incredibly valuable in his current role as the cofounder of MooVr, as his working experience as driver in the people moving industry.

The brand – MooVr

MooVr is Australian owned, operated and designed innovative mobile ridesharing app developed by industry drivers to create a better experience for both the driver and the rider – passengers. Based on the feedback of rideshare battlers from all over the country, MooVr offers a uniquely Australian rideshare experience with advanced app options not available on existing overseas rideshare apps.

MooVr was created in response to demand for the exploitation of rideshare drivers to be stopped. MooVr intends to change the industry by keeping its commission rates very low to enable drivers to earn above a minimum wage.

MooVr is slated to launch in Perth, Western Australia, in March 2020, with plans to roll out across the east coast in the following months. The platform has undergone over two years of extensive testing, research and development to ensure it meets the needs of drivers and riders – passengers.

Whether passengers are travelling for work or a special occasion, MooVr can meet their needs with a variety of vehicle sizes available. MooVr’s selected drivers offer competitive rates with overseas rideshare companies, whilst ensuring passengers’ money remains in Australia, contributing to the economy that has been severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

MooVr vehicle sizes differentiate the service from other apps. MooVr ride share vehicles start with medium size cars ensuring riders experience a roomy and enjoyable ride.

MooVr services


MooVr offers some of the lowest fares in the industry whilst also paying the best rates to its drivers, simply because MooVr believes that everyone is better off with a fare that is fair.

Becoming a MooVr driver is not a given right, even if you have industry experience and paperwork. As a company it has a set of standards that all drivers must uphold. If not, drivers that fall below a certain level of conduct rating are advised that improvements are required to help them be their best. While many rideshare companies view the opportunity as a part time job, MooVr offers the opportunity for a full time lucrative occupation.


MooVr offers an app that is industry leading in all respects. It has been developed to ensure the app considers the needs of both rider and driver. Riders must be 18 years of age to ride unless accompanied by an adult.

Drivers and riders are able to provide feedback however this is based on a ‘thumbs up or thumbs down’ approach which provides a fairer and more just system for everyone.

Female Connect

MooVr values empowering women to feel safe when they’re travelling whether as a driver or rider. MooVr has introduced an industry first ‘Female Connect’ feature that allows women to select when they want to deal only with other women. This feature encourages more women into the workforce and will facilitate safer, more enjoyable journeys for female passengers.

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