Legal and Contractual Information

Q. Is MooVr registered for On Demand Booking Service (ODBS)

A. Yes we are registered with Department of Transport. Our authorisation number is 1000985

Q. Do you have an Australian Business Number (ABN)

A. Yes our ABN is 76 639 402 341

Q. Are you Registered with Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC)

A. Yes we are registered. MooVr (Australia) Pty Ltd

Q. Do you have a Privacy Policy

A. Yes we do have Privacy Policies that cover data submissions from this website and a Policy that also protects all information entered in the Driver and Rider Applications.

Driver Information

Q. What makes MooVr any different to other Rideshare operations.

A. We are all Australian, developed by Australians for Australians. We were started by drivers who have done the hard yards and know what goes on, and what the common problems are.

Q. What benefits does MooVr offer people.

A. We will have selected drivers, our rates are competitive with the overseas rideshare companies but when you use an Australian Rideshare company all your money stays in this country contributing to our Economy which has been severely impacted by COVID19.

Q. What makes us different.

A. Our initial business model being rolled out already has innovative features not currently offered by the overseas rideshare company, and future innovative ideas will continue to happen.

Q. Will a driver still need to register for ODBS

A. Not if they are only completing work dispatched to them, They will fall under MooVr (Australia) Pty Ltd. If they are performing private work, YES they will need their own individual ODBS and are required to issue a receipt.

Q. Will you saturate the market with Drivers.

A. No we will try to cap the number of drivers. But be aware that drivers do not work all at the same time. We must have sufficient to cover demand. If we are failing to fulfil requests it is evident that we need more drivers and will introduce a few more as required.

Q. What are the rates going to be like.

A. We will be competitive with competitor’s prices. We will not be having surge fares but like other Australian workers who work shift work or public holidays there will be a slightly higher charge. Drivers will be better off as our commission is not as high as the overseas rideshare companies.