Australia’s Own Fair Rideshare

What Makes MooVr Different

MooVr is designed by industry drivers to create a better experience for drivers and passengers.

After listening to many years of feedback we’ve created a uniquely Australian ride share experience with innovative app options not available on existing overseas ride share apps.


We’ve done the hard yards so you don’t have to!

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Get Paid a Real Rate With MooVr

On Demand that Values your time and effort.

We take a small commission which means a higher rate for drivers because they are
what makes MooVr special. We believe in a work life balance, and you can’t get that earning equivalent to minimum wage.
Become a MooVr Driver

The MooVr Difference

Earn A Fair Share

Our fares are amongst the lowest in the industry whilst paying the best rates to our drivers.
How do we do it?
Easy, by not being greedy. Everyone is better off with a fare that’s fair.

Our Drivers Make MooVr Special

MooVr was built by rideshare drivers who were sick of the lions share going overseas.
Drive with MooVr and experience a rideshare platform that truely values you.

Female Friendly

Our female option "MooVHer"* allows women to select when they want to only deal with other women. It could be late at night after a party and you’re by yourself.
Ride safe, Ride Fair with "MooVHer"
*(Patent Pending)

An All Aussie App

The MooVr platform is a platform for Australians by Australians. All our money stays in Australia contributing to our economy with tax and increased income from reduced commission for drivers to spend here. We’re here for the long haul, helping Australians get where they need to go.

We’re Proudly Australian

Our Money Stays Right Here!

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